Letter: Don’t be fooled by Higgins on Medicaid

Rep. Pete Higgins’ (R-Fairbanks) April 4 press release regarding his action of tabling a bill in his Health and Social Services Committee related to the Medicaid expansion is an attempt to be “slick” and avoid the accusation that he is stonewalling any attempt to provide health care to 40,000 Alaskans by expanding Medicaid to them. It does not wash.

There is no need for additional studies. Two legitimate studies have been done identifying the merits of expansion to Alaskans and how it will benefit health care providers and related suppliers. The governor is doing the same thing by creating a Medicaid Reform Advisory Group as a way of putting the issue off and avoiding election fallout. Neither of them will avoid the fallout in November, and I hope it is due to the 40,000 Alaskans registering to vote and sending them off to do something they are better at.

— Patrick M. Cunningham