Letter: Events for hut-to-hut fundraiser include workshop, 'Planet Trek’

We appreciated the story and photos in the Outdoors section April 9 on Manitoba Cabin and our plans for a hut-to-hut system. Unfortunately, the Outdoor Calendar garbled hut-related events. We would like people to know:

Alaska Huts still is accepting well-made handmade hat donations for our upcoming Hats for Huts fundraiser. Call Carol at 345-7533.

This weekend, April 11-13, Alaska Huts is hosting a two-night knitting workshop weekend at Manitoba Cabin, in conjunction with the Hats for Huts fundraiser. Call Carol at 345-7533.

Friday, April 18, Alaska Huts is holding its annual meeting ParTAY at Marston Theater (Loussac Library), Anchorage. This includes the feature show “Planet Trek — Adventures on Foot in the World’s Greatest Mountains,” by professional photographers Matt and Agnes Hage. And this event includes the Hats for Huts sale and silent auction, a fundraiser for Alaska Huts. Doors open at 6 p.m. for first look at the showy hats, with “Planet Trek” slides at 6:45. More detail is at www.alaskahuts.org on the Calendar page.

— John Wolfe, executive director