Letter: Support and thank teachers who help students do their best

The day after the March 29 Math Counts Competition in Anchorage, I heard the reactions of several sixth, seventh and eighth graders from different locations in the state talking about who of their peers won, and how they might do better. According to these students, winners had two things going for them that equally bright competitors did not: teachers who put in the extra time and a larger group of motivated peers. These talented young minds were hungry for more training.

My calculation is that training of the best and the brightest minds makes a difference. Public school teachers responsible for this competition put in countless extra hours. Good teachers help Alaskans — and in turn Alaska — get ahead in an increasingly competitive world. Those who choose to slash funding for teachers have made a serious miscalculation.

Please, support and thank teachers who help our students thrive. The correct calculation for our future requires us to add to public education at this time, not reduce. Math counts. And funding for public education should too. 

— Deborah Greenberg