Letter: Traffic not to be taken lightly

The APD record of traffic control is abysmal, ranging from a special traffic unit to disbanding it to now the addition of several cops on overtime to scare drivers a bit. They have no interest in the number one crime: traffic control.

Traffic problems kill more people, cost more money and ruin more lives than almost all other crimes combined and yet APD sends one cop after one driver and does nothing of value. If they actually had any interest in traffic control there are much more effective ways that have been used across the nation for decades.

Until we get out of the idea that we need a cop to lead the cops, we will have an overpaid, overprivileged group that does little. The chief touts useless statistics about the number of tickets so ask him, “What have you done for public safety?” APD lacks leadership, imagination, and interest in actually performing public safety. Three more cops for several weeks will just waste taxpayer dollars and accomplish nothing of value.

— Arthur Solvang