Letter: Demand direct funds for teachers

The failure of Alaska Democrats and the Great Alaska Schools is because changing BSA does not fix the problem faced in Alaska public education.

Elected officials can see the fiscal train coming, while those in the Save the Teachers movement cannot.

The goal should be saving teachers. The state funding formula is simply a blank check for the 53 Alaska school districts — like Daddy’s credit card at spring break. How they choose to spend it may not mean retaining teachers. GAS should have asked for dedicated funds outside BSA to reinstate lost staff. Now GAS must focus on where districts spend the loot pillaged from the state treasury so they can make the case for teacher retention next year.

Otherwise expect the same GAS group to be back next year, same time, same result. If they have learned anything, they should turn their “piece of the pie” argument to elected princes on local school boards. They must demand more direct funds for teachers and classrooms instead of another credit card since this one is filled up.

— David Nees