Letter: Gays who want to get married 'trash’ an 'ancient tradition’

Sen. Hollis French, in his April 12 PointCounterpoint, says the part of the Alaska Constitution that says “a marriage is between one man and one woman” has to be changed … in order for gays to be able to fully enjoy “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Why can’t we leave marriage and the constitution alone, and focus instead on creating new laws that will provide equitable benefits, relative to income tax, inheritance, adoption, etc., for same-sex couples who enter into a legal “domestic partnership or union” and quit insisting that it be called a “marriage.” 

Gays do not have to trash the traditions and sacred beliefs of millions of Americans in order to get the justice and liberty that they want. In fact, they might wind up with a greater level of acceptance if they showed respect for this ancient tradition and came up with a more acceptable name for their union.

— Jim Lieb