Ritchie, Cooley lead Alaskan runners in Boston


Anchorage's Tom Ritchie and Juneau's Crystal Dooley were the fastest Alaskans at Monday's Boston Marathon.

Ritchie, the South High wrestling coach, finished 194th in a field of 32,000 runners in the famous 26.2-mile race. He finished in 2 hours, 35 minutes, 27 seconds, a time that ranked him 12th in the men's 40-44 age group.

Cooley finished 340th among women and 4,031 overall by clocking a time of 3:09:29.

Ritchie was one of three Alaska men who finished in less than three hours. Rick Lader of Fairbanks was 216th overall in 2:36:25 and Jerome Ross of Anchorage was 970th in 2:50:08.

Other notable age-group finishes came from Bruce Davison of Anchorage, 28th in the men's 65-69 age group; Karl Romig of Cooper Landing and Lloyd Raines of Anchorage, who were 41st and 45th, respectively, in the men's 55-59 age group; and Monica Ross of Anchorage, 34th in the women's 45-49 age group.

2014 Boston Marathon

26.2 miles

Alaska results

Tom Ritchie, Anchorage, 2:35:27; Rick Lader, Fairbanks, 2:36:25; Jerome Ross, Anchorage, 2:50:08; Ryan Beckett, Anchorage, 2:53:28; Michael Ottenweller, Anchorage, 2:59:35; Karl Romig, Cooper Landing, 3:06:03; Jacob Bera, Chugiak, 3:06:15; Lloyd Raines, Anchorage, 3:07:27; John Bursell, Juneau, 3:08:34; Crystal Dooley, Juneau, 3:09:29; Erika Burr, Fairbanks, 3:11:28; David Johnston, Willow, 3:15:57; Monica Ross, Anchorage, 3:16:32; Roberta Spayd, Anchorage, 3:17:34; Matthew Freiberg, Anchorage, 3:18:13; Rachael Gano, Anchorage, 3:21:05; Brad Benter, Anchorage, 3:21:57; Greg Finstad, Fairbanks, 3:23:55; Andy Holland, Fairbank 3:25:44; Mansour Alzaharna, Douglas, 3:25:51; Tina Moronell, Anchorage, 3:27:35; James Murray, Willow, 3:30:31; Bradley Richie, Anchorage, 3:32:05; Robert Morehead, Anchorage, 3:34:12; John Wirum, Anchorage, 3:36:05; Michelle Richards, Palmer, 3:38:02; April Juliussen, Anchorage, 3:40:45; Bruce Davison, Anchorage, 3:41:00; Jennifer Marsh, Juneau, 3:44:05; Don Kiely, Fairbanks, 3:45:16; Eric Meier, Anchorage, 3:45:38; Kyle Colburn, Anchorage, 3:48:31; Kristen Lindsey, Anchorage, 3:50:14; Kristina Case, Anchorage, 3:51:54; Jackie Minge, Anchorage, 3:54:39; Susan Faulkner, Fairbanks, 4:00:56; Gregory Scofield, Anchorage, 4:01:17; Rafael Castaneda, Anchorage, 4:09:56; Connie Best, Soldotna, 4:10:41; Mike Illg, Homer, 4:11:25; Crystal Tobuk, Nome, 4:11:37; Susan Craig, Soldotna, 4:14:42; Kathleen Pelkan, Bethel, 4:23:08; William Serra, Anchorage, 4:31:38; Sarah Kleedehn, Anchorage, 4:32:05; Mary Diel, Anchorage, 4:37:20; Jamie Bursell, Juneau, 4:48:49; Liz Friedman, Palmer, 4:58:32; Thomas McCarty, Anchorage, 6:23:58.


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