Letter: Education serves a good society

How much better it would be for Alaska to invest in bridges to the future that would yield the infinite natural resource of an educated populace.  Paying attention to each person in their early years helps to identify unique gifts and cultivate potential. The recent loss of guidance counselors at important crossroads in our youth’s lives seems extremely shortsighted as the choices and decisions made at that crucial juncture can make a significant  difference.

We need thoughtful consideration about what being an educated person means. For example, add another “R” for “relationships” to reading, writing and now STEAM (science, technology ,engineering, art, math)  as well as the four “C’s   critical thinking, commitment, creativity, and compassion.

To understand there are  myriad perspectives  would lead to bridges of understanding and respect between individuals, as well as groups of people.  This would mean that much less investment in remedial instruction, prisons and the homeless. In short, a good society provides a good education for all of its citizens, leading  to productive lives and vibrant communities.

— Sandy Harper