Letter: Education session was educational

When high school student Maeva Ordaz (Compass, April 18) deftly described the “shell game” being played by legislators with education funding,  and parents realized that one-time grants are more like “bonuses” than salary, I understand Republican reluctance to adequately fund education. The populace is already too smart!  Although legislators may be content with “temp” jobs, teachers are career-oriented and don’t want to wonder if this year will be their last.  The base student allocation provides some long-term stability.

So why do Republicans dislike the BSA? Is this another case of opposition without an alternative? No. Their “holy grail” is vouchers.  Thanks to a smart public, they had to hide their proposed constitutional amendment away until next term,  but rest assured it will be resurrected if they return victorious after next November.

I hope this education session of the Legislature was as educational for you as it was for me.

— Jon R. Sharpe