Letter: Put a stop to trashing of Alaska

As a lifelong resident of Alaska I have to agree with Frank Baker’s letter concerning the litter problem in Anchorage. The exit on the Muldoon Road curve looks like someone used it as their personal dumpster this year. 

The problem is simple: Reality shows=mass exodus north of a lot of people who do not care=more trash in the city. Until the city actually starts catching and imposing strict fines on people the problem will continue. 

I travel with rubber gloves and trash bags to pick up after people who insist on ruining what was once a pristine environment. Tax the big gulp drink cups that I continuously pick up. 

What a wonderful sight it must be for all of the tourists who come up here to see the garbage on the roads left by litter bugs. Have some respect people, and quit trashing Alaska!

— Liz Bowen