Letter: Schools are a key to our future

I am writing to the ADN to address the issue of low budgeting in the Anchorage School District due to state funding cuts. The school district is in need of strong financial support to provide high quality education and learning environment for the students. 

As a high school student in ASD, I am highly concerned about the funding and support schools across Anchorage receive. Hundreds of jobs are being eliminated, leaving classroom sizes to be increased due to a lack of teachers and staff. Students are left with minimum one-on-one teacher assistance, lowering the quality of education they receive. Students also receive less funding for school events, field trips and within school programs, which play a major role in developing students socially, physically and intellectually.

Make school a priority when it comes to funding. By providing the right amount of funding per school we may return teachers and raise the quality of education. School is a key to a successful future, and the students of today are the future of America.

— Valeriya Makhonina