Letter: Time to elect real conservatives like Bill Walker, Joe Miller

Enough is enough. Socialist Canada has developed its oil, gas and coal reserves from the Arctic Ocean 2,000 miles south to the U.S. border and 2,000 miles east to the Great Lakes. I’ve driven the Al-Can since the 1960s, and now all those small towns in Canada have brand new schools, recreation centers, libraries, sports arenas, parks, well maintained roads and on and on.

Gov. Sean Parnell and the RINOs running this state want to spend another $400 million to study (for the 10th time) the possibility of building a gas line in a decade. Meanwhile my friends in Fairbanks are spending $1,000 a month for heating oil and choking on air pollution from wood smoke, and our liberal representative in Washington can’t even get a 10-mile gravel road built on a remote island that will save Alaskans’ lives.

We’ve voted for liberals and RINO’s (same difference) for 30 years now. Perhaps it’s time to try a few real conservatives like Bill Walker and Joe Miller.

— Russell Holmes