First Place, nonfiction, Grade 3-6 : How to be a Big Sister

Matilda Rogers,9
Matilda Rogers Creative Writing 2014 winners


Someone who has a sibling is always busy in a way. So this is a story about all things you need to know about having a sibling. When you read this story I hope you can make being with your sibling more fun for you and your sibling. Days before this you were probably saying, “Why do I have to look after him?” I hope that that will change after you read this story.

Chapter 1

How to Teach Your Sibling

If you want to teach your sibling how to somersault, read this paragraph. You can find a big hill or just do it on a bed or a rug. Tell the sibling to get down on their knees and then put their head and hands on the ground and push off. If a baby or toddler can’t push him or herself, give them a little push to start off.

If you want to teach your sibling how to talk, sit in a chair with some food and start saying a word you want them to know. Keep doing it and eventually they will end up being a parrot.

Walking is something we all learn to do. If you want your sibling to walk you should read this. Hold their hands and walk with them. Say something like, “You’re Superman.”

If it’s a girl say something like, “You’re flying” or something in their ear. Try this until they are walking.

Chapter 2

How to Occupy Your Sibling

To keep your sibling busy, you might try some different tricks. Gum will do if you have any. You can also play a game.

You can take them to the park or just go outside. If they go to sleep it will save you some time. But you should be aware that they are going to be moody when they wake up. If you’re lucky they wont be. You should get some food, play music, or get a toy. There are some toys out there that really do the trick. For instance, a small cuddly toy or puppet.

Chapter 3

What Games to Play with Your Sibling

The tickle contest is a game that your little brother or little sister plays while sitting in your lap. When they laugh you tickle them. They have to stop laughing otherwise you can’t stop.

An eye contest is where you look them in the eye.

Whoever blinks first loses. There is another game that doesn’t matter how you play it. It’s house.

This is a game my mom taught me. Get a dictionary and point to a word without looking. Say someone in your family’s name. Whatever you point to is what they are. For example, if I land on “gorilla” in the dictionary and I say “Maddox”, then Maddox is a gorilla.

Chapter 4

When they are Acting Bad

So here is what you do. If they are a bad don’t be too harsh on them. Just say, “Can you please stop.” Act gentle at first. If they are pretty bad you might want to get help to calm the commotion. If they are plain just bad maybe just ask them to go to their room. When they are sad give them a hug and tell them something special.


In conclusion, I have shared with you different ways to deal with your sibling. These are the kind of things you need to think about when your family is getting bigger, like mine is. Soon I will have a little brother or sister (who I will love very much). I will refer to this story when I need help with my new sister or brother.

By Matilda Rogers, 9