Anchorage police arrest 3 after standoff

Tegan Hanlon

Anchorage police arrested three men Wednesday night after a more than six-hour standoff in a Spenard neighborhood.

At 1:45 p.m. officers went to a home on the 2700 block of West 42nd Avenue with two felony arrest warrants, one for Zachary Lepry, 29, and the other for 31-year-old Dale Ohler, said Jennifer Castro, police spokeswoman.

Both men were wanted on a variety of charges. Lepry had a felony warrant out for a parole violation, failure to appear in court, possession of a controlled substance, leaving the scene of an accident and other charges. Ohler had six outstanding charges involving burglary, vehicle theft, contempt of court and forgery, Castro said.

Police arrested Lepry outside of the home near the intersection of 42nd Avenue and East Turnagain Boulevard. Ohler ran into the house and barricaded himself inside with two other men and a woman, according to police.

A SWAT team, K-9 unit, Community Action Policing Team, vice unit and negotiators were called in. Officers used a bullhorn to persuade the group to come out of the home. Neighbors were evacuated. Roads were shut down. Eventually, a man and woman surrendered and were later released, Castro said.

At 5:50 p.m., Ohler came outside and was subsequently arrested, she said.

Castro said that during the standoff police learned that the man still inside was named Kris Reuer, 31. There was a felony warrant out for Reuer's arrest. He was wanted on theft and assault charges, she said.

Around 6:15 p.m., police put out an alert that said: "Police are shutting down Spenard from Barbara to Wisconsin. Police are deploying gas in the area. Please shut windows and doors."

"The intention of the gas is to encourage them to surrender," said police Sgt. Mark Rein.

Castro said it was CS gas, a tear gas, that officers used about five minutes later.

At 8:05 p.m., police went inside the home and found and arrested Reuer.

Reporter Michelle Theriault Boots contributed to this report. Reach Tegan Hanlon at or 257-4589.