Letter: Koch brothers are demonized while other donors are not

Charles and David Koch are being demonized by various liberal entities because these two gentlemen have been donating to various conservative causes including a number of 2014 congressional races. What’s going on here? Do we really have a couple of electoral bogeymen villains?

The Kochs’ website claims that their foundations, including the Charles Koch Foundation, the David H. Koch Charitable Foundation and the Koch Cultural Trust “advance liberty and freedom through the support of various causes which further social progress and sustainable prosperity, foster entrepreneurship, education, at-risk youth, arts and culture and medical research.”

Fact Checker indicates that this past year the Koch brothers have been outspent by no less than 11 labor unions as well as by George Soros in political contributions. If you think it is un-American or undesirable for “big money” to try to influence politics, then criticizing those on only just one side of the aisle, makes the issue partisan rather than something of concern to all citizens.

— Jim Lieb