Letter: 'Who do you trust’ on issue of whether 'giveaway’ exists?

In the May 2 edition of the ADN, I was impressed to discover that Scott Goldsmith now tells Alaskans the “Oil Tax Giveaway Doesn’t Exist.” Truly remarkable.

I mean, really? And then Bruce Tangerman says, effectively, “Just wait a few years and trust me, you’ll see I’m right.” If we ever get an audit to prove up on Mr. Tangerman’s contention, that is. See, the Department of Revenue hasn’t actually audited our oil finances adequately since 2007, and it looks like they never will catch up. So where does Goldsmith get his information on how there isn’t any giveaway? In a short paragraph in the middle of the article, Goldsmith claims production costs for our oil have doubled in the past two years. Where did this number come from, and has it been independently audited?

The question from Ray Metcalfe, “Why would the oil industry spend $10 million to make sure they pay more for our oil?” is rife with implications. The citizens of Alaska need to answer it for ourselves. It comes down to “Who do you trust?”

— Rich Seifert