New autopsy says inmate bled internally before dying

Michelle Theriault Boots

A 20-year-old mentally ill man found dead at the Anchorage jail last month died of bleeding ulcers, the Alaska Department of Corrections said Friday.

Davon Mosley, 20, died April 4 at the Anchorage Correctional Complex.

The Bakersfield, California, man suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and had no history of ulcers or other stomach problems, said Wasilla attorney Robert Campbell, who is representing Mosley's family.

The results of the state medical examiner's autopsy point to gastrointestinal bleeding from ulcers as the cause of Mosley's death. That's in line with the findings of an independent autopsy paid for by his family, Campbell said.

The doctor hired to conduct a second autopsy on Mosley's body said the condition was likely treatable, according to Campbell.

"His untimely passing due to a group of bleeding duodenal ulcers is a condition that, while painful, could have been treated easily with antibiotics, sometimes in combination with antacids," he said.

The DOC released a summary of its initial investigation into Mosley's death but did not release the report itself.

The summary says that Mosley was arrested by Anchorage police March 16 for running away from parole supervision in California. On March 20, it says, he was segregated from the regular population due to "his violent behavior."

On March 25, California officers arrived to take Mosley back to California but couldn't because of "his violent outburst," according to the DOC.

The report is silent on what happened between March 25 and April 4, when Mosley was found dead alone in a cell.

Fugitive from justice charges against Mosley were dropped March 27, court records show.

"Tremendous unanswered questions" remain about Mosley's time in custody of thestate and medical care in jail, Campbell said.

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