Letter: Mayor doesn’t understand what motivates teachers to teach

Mayor Dan Sullivan has not (yet) vetoed the Assembly’s decision to increase funding to ASD, and I planned to write him a thank you until hearing comments made at Saturday’s Republican Party convention.

I hoped he valued our city’s efforts to properly fund its public schools, but now believe he simply didn’t think he had enough votes to uphold a veto.

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week. Our mayor, married to a teacher, insinuates that educators go into the profession because they believe other careers would be too difficult. My high school classmates voted me “Most Likely to Succeed” and I graduated from college with honors and many opportunities. I taught because I wanted to support children and knew real power lay in shaping the minds of the next generation. Many highly qualified professionals teach for the same reasons.

The mayor seems incapable of understanding those who devote their lives to something more meaningful than the almighty dollar. He should stop using his position to spew misinformation and discredit those who deserve our full support and gratitude.

— Valerie Buckendorf