Man allegedly carrying heroin in underwear arrested in Sand Point

Laurel Andrews

A man found carrying 7 grams of black tar heroin in his underwear was arrested in the Alaska community of Sand Point in late April after police received an anonymous tip that the man would be flying into the town with drugs.

On April 25, the Sand Point police department got an anonymous tip that Gage Carlson, 22, was flying into the town that day and would almost certainly be bringing some "meth or heroin," the charging documents state. Sand Point is a community of roughly 1,000 people, located on an island off the southern edge of the Alaska Peninsula.

Police Chief John Henry Lucking Jr. checked the flight records and confirmed that Carlson was due to fly into the community later that day on the only passenger plane scheduled to arrive that day. When the plane landed around 7:30 p.m., Lucking and another officer were waiting at the airport for Carlson.

Lucking, who knew Carlson personally, asked if they could speak together in a place with a little more privacy. Carlson and the officers walked into the garage of the Peninsula Air station, and Lucking informed Carlson that he had been told Carlson might be bringing drugs into the community.

Carlson denied the accusation and agreed to be searched but said he didn't want to get naked in the garage, which Lucking said would be unnecessary. Lucking first searched his bag, then his pockets and sweater. He then asked if Carlson had anything else on him, to which Carlson replied that he didn't, and then said, "I don't think so."

Lucking checked his shoes and socks, then began patting down Carlson's pants.

"Carlson was relatively calm through this entire process but suddenly seemed to become nervous as I moved my pats up his lower legs and into his groin region," Lucking writes in the charging documents. "When my hands patted his upper thigh and groin area he jumped somewhat and indicated that I had bumped his genitals. I told him that I wanted to be thorough and asked if he had anything there. He said no and I asked if he was sure. He again said that he was."

Lucking then patted the front waistline and felt a hard object inside Carlson's pants. He asked Carlson three times what the object was, and Carlson remained silent. He asked Carlson to take the object out, and when he didn't, Lucking reached into his pants and beneath his underwear waistband and removed a translucent pharmaceutical bottle. Inside were several small pills later identified as Oxycodone, and a black chunk wrapped in cellophane that later tested positive as seven grams of black tar heroin.

The heroin amounted to 70 to 140 individual doses, according to Lucking, and would have garnered at least $10,500, based on Sand Point prices.

One Oxycodone pill sells for $200 in Sand Point, the charging documents state, making the seized pills worth about $900.

Calrson was arrested and taken to the Sand Point police department, where he was charged with two felony counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance. He was arraigned the next day. Preliminary hearings are set to begin in mid-May.