Anatomy of a goal: All 5 Aces deserved a plus

Doyle Woody,Adn Staff

A goaltender gives up a Charmin-soft goal at even strength or while his team is on the power play -- hey, it happens -- and the guys on playing in front of him all get a minus on their plus-minus rating.

Or one guy's big mistake merits he and his teammates on the ice what hockey players call a "dash'' -- as in -1.

Conversely, maybe one player goes coast-to-coast for a delightful one-man show of a goal -- his teammates (as long as said team is at even strength or short-handed; power plays do not count for plus-minus) gain an easy plus.

But sometimes, every player on the team that scores truly earns his plus -- and that was the case Wednesday night when Alaska Aces defenseman Zach Davies scored a first-period goal in the club's 4-2 win at Idaho in Game 4 of the ECHL's Western Conference semifinal series.

Winger Brett Findlay, on the right wing, fed defenseman Corey Syvret a pass at the center point, and Syvret unloaded a shot on net as winger Alex Belzile and center Jordan Morrison presented a two-man screen in front of Idaho goaltender Josh Robinson. Looked like Robinson made the save -- Syvret's shot may have hit traffic, it was hard to tell for certain on the video -- and the puck popped out to Robinson's right, where Davies, who had sneaked down from his weak-side station at the left point, banged in the rebound.

In this case, each Aces skater on the ice did something tangible to lead to the goal. Findlay provided the pass to Syvret, Syvret got the puck to the net, Belzile and Morrison furnished net-front presences and Davies finished the play.