Anchorage wages top national averages

Jerzy Shedlock

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says Anchorage workers earn 16 percent more money than their national counterparts.

The average worker in Anchorage earned $25.87 an hour in May 2013, $3.54 more than the national average, according to a BLS press release.

The bureau’s Regional Commissioner Richard J. Holden noted wages in the Anchorage area were significantly higher than their respective national averages in 14 of 22 major occupational groups, ranging from transportation to engineering.

The release includes several other items of note:

--Anchorage residents in management positions are the highest paid, raking in an average of $51.81 an hour, followed by architects and engineers, who collect $48.68 an hour. The latter professionals account for 3 percent of Anchorage’s employed, compared to 1.8 percent nationally.

--Office and administration jobs take up the largest share of total employment at 17.2 percent.

--And the city was the top-paying metropolitan area for both oil and gas derrick operators and roustabouts, at $32.46 and $26.61 respectively.

--However, three groups had significantly lower wages than the national averages. Occupations related to computers and math; arts, design, entertainment, sports and media; and sales net lesser wages in Anchorage.


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