Letter: When voting, consider who cares about middle class

LIS (Luxembourg Income Study Database) confirms that the U.S. middle class is diminishing — both in percentage of residents in the middle class, and by financial well-being for those in the middle class.

The wealthy became more wealthy in the US over the past 6 years, since the 2008 real estate and financial crash.

The U.S. poor have become more poor, over the past 30 years, than those in Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands, the data shows.

Who benefited from the financial crash of 2008? The wealthy — with their Bush tax cuts and tax advantages.

Alaskans, do you want the wealthy managing your future? If so — watch closely and vote for those running on the platform that the rich will trickle benefits down to us. Watch the ads on TV, the Internet and newspapers. Be sure to vote for those who will become much richer, while 95 percent of us slowly slip further down the financial comfort scale.

And while you are at it, be sure to encourage your kids to borrow tens of thousands of dollars for college. That debt is guaranteed to saddle them for decades. The rich will chuckle behind closed doors.

— Linda Sharp