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Letter: Unions helped middle class maintain its buying power

In regards to the letter of May 10 by Pat Wendt (Ask unions some hard questions), maybe Pat should have asked some questions before writing the letter. Pat said unions have upset society’s buying power. Well, if Pat were to lay down a graph of union membership from the late ’60s up to today and then lay down over that a graph of middle class buying power, Pat would find that as union membership declined, the middle classes buying power followed the decline. So rather than upset society’s buying power, unions helped the middle class maintain its buying power. 

People seem to forget that unions gave us sick and vacation leave, weekends, child labor laws and livable wages. I am not a union member and have not worked a union job in over 30 years. Pat, you really shouldn’t call someone a crook unless you can back that up with proof, or don’t you remember what happened to Sen. Ted Stevens?

— Michael McKinnon