Letter: Bible is all-time best seller for a reason: It changes lives

Rudy Wittshirk recently attacked American Christians (“Dogma errata irrelevant; atheists not ignorant on Christianity,” May 5) by comparing Christianity to cults, myths and legends. He was agreeing with Nicholas Kristof’s opinion (“Americans are clueless about religion,” April 28) that Christians don’t know their bible, and that atheists and secular Americans outperform them in the knowledge of doctrine. If you didn’t agree with him, he kept challenging readers to (Google it).

Well, I did Google the fact that over 100 million bibles are sold every year, making it the all-time best seller in world history. There is a reason for this fact: the Good Book changes thousands of people’s lives daily in a very positive way. It is a book that enlightens and grows a person’s faith in a supreme being who cares for each individual. 

The bible isn’t meant to be used for silly trivia games that attack and demean a human being. What a Christian man or woman gains by reading the bible cannot be measured, nor understood, by unbelievers.

— Joseph Fleming