Letter: Police union president uses shameless political tactic

A recent article covering the lieutenant governor’s forum at the Anchorage Chamber included a statement from police union president Derek Hsieh alleging that I don’t support public safety. He pointed to the fact that I wasn’t in attendance at the funeral for recently deceased AFD Capt. Jeff Bayless as an example.

As Mr. Hsieh knows, I was out of state at that time and unable to attend. Mr. Hsieh’s attempt to use a public safety officer’s funeral to score a cheap political point is extremely inappropriate.

I am proud of my record of support for our public safety departments which includes many millions of dollars for new stations, equipment and personnel, including new police and fire academies this year.

As a union leader, his credibility is lessened and his membership not well served when resorting to such shameless tactics.

While I have fought hard for the taxpayers to make sure their money is responsibly spent on city government, I will continue to make sure our police and fire departments are properly prepared to serve the public.

— Mayor Dan Sullivan