Letter: Proud to fly Alaska Airlines

Mr. Yeager’s letter (“Maybe travelers should protest,” May 10) might have some valid points but he loses it when he refers to “overcrowded cabins.” If a plane is designed to hold 166 passengers and you put 166 passengers in it, it is NOT overcrowded. It is at capacity. If you own a 10 cubic yard dump truck but only carry 8 cubic yards a trip, you are wasting fuel. If you only place 10 players on your football team instead of 11, you are going to lose. 

I’m proud to say I only fly Alaska Airlines when possible (99.9 of the time). I get great service from flight staff because I treat them with respect, call them by name, say thank you, please, etc. … I do support the fact that while Alaska Air Group was suffering losses, the employees took cuts therefore now the company is making great profits (i.e. not flying empty planes), they should share in the profits since they took cuts (no raises) during the bad times.

— Jim Henry