Video: Copper River salmon season touches down in Anchorage

Tara Young

U.S. Sen. Mark Begich and former Cordova mayor Margy Johnson were on hand in Anchorage Friday to roll out the red carpet for the season's first Copper River salmon at the third annual First Fish event, sponsored by Copper River Seafoods.

"Cordova, on the Copper River Delta, has the boldest fishermen, the greatest mermaids, and the freshest salmon in the world," Johnson said. "The fishermen of the Copper River Delta take a lot of pride in their fish -- hence the majesty of the First Fish. And so to the extent that Alaskans can promote the Copper River salmon, we promote Alaska."

The first Copper River salmon of the season arrived in Anchorage Friday, May 16, flown in fresh from Cordova.

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