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Letter: Parnell, take note: Alaska heroes in poverty deserve health care

Since Gov. Parnell has discovered the value of health care to Alaskans in need, no doubt he will finally approve the free Medicaid that is now accepted across America. The directive by Sean Parnell for payment of health insurance to surviving families of employees of the Department of Public Safety was reported by Dermot Cole on May 23. It is “continued coverage” for “survivors of state heroes who have given their lives.”

Surely now Parnell will recognize all the Alaska heroes who toil at the poverty level, for the sake of their loved ones, on a daily basis. Medicaid expansion makes economic sense by taking them out of emergency rooms, into doctors’ offices, and buying preventive medicines. Why be so cruel and uncaring to Alaskans by kicking those who are already down, governor?

— John S. Kaufman,