Earthquake Park is a hit with map-readers

Earthquake Park made its debut as an orienteering site Wednesday, yielding a race that attracted nearly 100 competitors who shared the woods with a few moose and a lot of mosquitoes.

Lars Spurkland was the fastest competitor on any course, with a time of 39:58 on the most challenging 3.4-kilometer, 21-control red course. Jen Jolliff was the fastest woman on the red course, finishing in 49:26.

A detailed map helped racers negotiate a new course that featured intricate terrain, interesting features and mild vegetation.

Arctic Orienteering Club

Earthquake Park meet

Red course, 3.4 kilometers, 21 controls

Men -- 1) Lars Spurkland, 39:58; 2) Ian Moore, 43:07; 3) Trond Jensen, 46:40; 4) Tom Bronga, 48:36; 5) Bill Johnson, 49:27; 6) Regan Sarwas, 49:30; 7) Bill Spencer, 53:09; 8) Peter Oswald, 53:20; 9) Trond Flagstad, 53:28; 10) Andrew Lee, 54:45; 11) Steve Gruhn, 55:36; 12) Dan Billman, 58:10; 13) Dwight Iverson, 59:16; 14) Mike Robinson, 1:02:00; 15) Jeremy Crawford, 1:07:00; 16) Art Harmon, 1:07:16; 17) Nathaniel Knapp, 1:11:06; 18) Colin Singleton, 1:18:00; 19) Daniel Baird, 1:19:08; 20) Seth Downs, 1:21:10. Women -- 1) Jen Jolliff, 49:26; 2) Lindsey Flagstad, 58:42. Team -- 1) James Crimp, Nick Treinen, Zoe Fuller, Tess Hamilton 53:30.

Green course, 2.9 kilometers, 20 controls

Men -- 1) Jeremy Johnson, 1:04:00; 2) David Snyder, 1:12:00; 3) Erik Carlson, 1:22:20; 4) Tom Livingston, 1:32:13. Team -- 1) Karen Bronga-Rosalyn Singleton, 1:09:20

Orange course, 2.3 kilometers, 18 controls

Men -- 1) Mark Findlay, 0:59:10; 2) Toni Fuerer, 0:59:33; 3) Chris Tomsen, 1:34:10. Women -- 1) Dela Grey, 1:10:00; 2) Ruth Kveruplassen, 1:26:00. Team -- 1) Nic Sedenquist-Mariel Terry, 0:53:12; 2) Mike Kelly-Kerry Klauder-Colleen Bue, 0:59:00; 3) Laura Fox-Dwight Iverson, 1:00:40; 4) Demientieff and Keen families 1:55:26.

Yellow course, 1.9 kilometers, 13 controls

Women -- 1) Stephanie Kesler, 0:57:18; 2) Corrie Whitmore, 1:02:45; 3) Vailferree Brechtel, 1:06:00. Team -- 1) Siena Noffsinger-Sultana Noffsinger 45:29; 2) Rachel Hightower, Denette Romano, David Rodriguez, 52:00; 3) Moore and Warial families 55:30; 4) Trudy Keller-Lia Keller, 56:46; 5) Oswald family 59:00; 6) Tsyganenko family 1:03:46; 7) Lee family 1:16:00; 8) Erika Monahan-Darby Downs, 1:26:20.

track and field

GNAC showers UAA with honors

The UAA track and field team cleaned up Thursday when end-of-season awards were announced by the Great Northwest Athletic Conference.

Cody Thomas, who last week earned All-America honors in the decathlon, was named the conference's top male athlete, and the women's team collected three awards. Joyce Kipchumba, an All-American last week in the 10,000 meters, was named newcomer of the year, sprinter Jamie Ashcroft was named freshman of the year and coach Michael Friess was named coach of the year.

For Friess, the award was the latest of many. The GNAC has six times named him coach of the year -- twice for women's outdoor track, twice for women's indoor track and twice for men's outdoor track.

Thomas, who placed seventh in the decathlon at the NCAA Division II championships, is the second athlete in GNAC history to break the 7,000-point mark in decathlon.

Kipchumba, a junior who earlier this year won the GNAC award as the top female newcomer in indoor track, won the 10,000 and was third in the 5,000 at the GNAC championships. She became an All-American by placing seventh in the 10,000 at the national championships.

Ashcroft swept the women's 100 and 200 titles and was a member of UAA's winning relay team at the GNAC championships. She didn't gain All-America status at the national meet but she broke the GNAC record in the 100 there, placing 11th in a time of 11.69.

Also on Thursday, UAA junior Bryn Haebe was named to the 10-women Capital One Academic All-District team for women's track and field/cross country.

Haebe was a member of the UAA women's teams that claimed the GNAC track and field title earlier this month and the GNAC and West Region cross country championships last fall.

She owns a 3.92 grade-point average and has three majors -- nursing, psychology and nutrition. She's now a candidate to earn a spot on the All-America academic team.

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