Let's get on this team's bandwagon: Ratinger Ice Aliens of Germany

Doyle Woody,Adn Staff

Apropos to nothing, other than it's hockey, The Blog was tooling around the series of tubes today and checked in at eliteprospects.com, where he couldn't help but notice a report of signings by a German team with the most awesome name: Ratinger Ice Aliens.

Man, I totally want a baseball cap from that club, especially after checking the official website -- icealiens97.de -- and seeing a logo that looks like. well, something that burst out of someone's belly in a Sigourney Weaver movie.

The Ice Aliens play in the Oberliga West, which The Blog believes is the third division in Germany after the DEL, the top circuit, and the Bundesliga, the second level

Guess we shouldn't be surprised by the name Ice Aliens. After all, the DEL includes the Schwinninger Wild Wings, Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams and Hamburg Freezers.

By DOYLE WOODY, adn.com