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Letter: Angelus Memorial not ready for visit

On Memorial Day, my husband and I went to Angelus Memorial Park in South Anchorage.

I went shopping and lovingly selected several bunches of flowers, and later sorted them into perfect bouquets.

We packed a small folding saw, scissors, a hand broom and scrubbing brush, several small towels, and a container of furniture polish. We like to be prepared to clean up each gravesite and polish each headstone before we place the flowers.

We were not prepared. Neither was Angelus Memorial Park!

What we discovered was disappointing, to say the least. The water has yet to be turned on; consequently we had to go get water for our beautiful bouquets of flowers. It did not stop with lack of available water.

On one of the most attended days at the cemetery, the grounds had not been mowed or watered. Trash cans were overflowing. The grounds are being overrun by dandelions. And where the heck did all of the rocks the size of the dandelion heads come from?

I will be calling Angelus Memorial Park at 

344-1311 to voice my concerns. I hope the Board and the employees will listen.

— Laura Risinger