Letter: Control your pets; I’ll call animal control

I’m a bad man. I truly am. I called animal control on the folks next door — more than once. I had the audacity to take action after growing tired of cleaning up their dogs poop on my property. I did approach them about this issue and requested that they keep their pets (they also allowed a cat to roam) in their own yard. It didn’t work. So I took pictures. I finally reported this again to animal control, who kindly gave me an email address where I could send a detailed summary of the issue and attach the pictures. Within a day or two, they visited the offenders. So far, this measure has seemed to work. 

I implore all Anchorage citizens with dog-related neighbor issues to call Animal Care and Control Services at 343-8119. They respond quickly and the system they have works. There is no need to suffer because of someone else’s disrespect and negligence of the law.

— Steve Carson