It's still this season, and ECHL releases next season's schedule

Doyle Woody,Adn Staff

Maybe it's because The Blog hasn't been to bed in 26 hours, maybe it's this bus trip from Chicago to Cincinnati, but methinks it's curious the ECHL today released next season's schedule when we're sorta in this season -- well, at least that's the case for the Alaska Aces and Cincinnati Cyclones, Kelly Cup Finalists.

With the Aces leading 2-1 in the best-of-7 series, Game 4 is set for Friday night at U.S. Bank Arena.

In any event, the Western Conference is all of seven teams -- get ready for heavy duty does of Bakersfield, Idaho, Stockton, Ontario, Colorado and Utah. Not too sexy. But, guess there's a caveat -- the official divisional alignments will be determined later this summer, but hard to see expansion team Indianapolis getting thrown into the Western Conference.

The Blog would break it down team-by-team but -- it's the Finals.

So, if you really gotta get your 2014-15 schedule fix, click here to check out the Aces' schedule. Maybe we'll get back to this and break it down later -- later, as in days, weeks or months from now. Mostly, The Blog needs a nap, and a respite from Al Pacino chewing up the scenery in "Two For The Money,'' which is playing on the big screen here at the front of the bus.

Pretty sweet bus too -- a sleeper bus. A vast majority of the team hit the rack in the first 2 hours or more before we stopped for some quality highway-exit cuisine.

As always, everyone on board is living the dream. Didn't say it was great dream.