Letter: Municipality mailer included bullet points of mayor running for office

My 2014 Municipality of Anchorage (property) Tax Notice I received by mail includes an informational placard. One side of the placard provides information about the MOA Centennial Celebration and Rasmuson Foundation. The other side appears to be a campaign ad for Mayor Dan Sullivan.

 I’m OK with the 2014 Proposed Budget info; however, the heading “Strong Financial Management” and sub-heading “Five years of responsible leadership” including his photo and subsequent bullet points looks like a campaign mailer for the mayor. In my view, the mayor used public tax dollars to slip in a nifty campaign plug into my tax notice, which I am not OK with. This is misuse of public tax dollars by the mayor for his personal campaign and I feel that he should reimburse taxpayers for the printing cost of this placard and postage.

 Further, I urge the Alaska Public Offices Commission to investigate and determine if this is a misuse of tax dollars and violation of state election law by an elected official and candidate running for another office.

— Dan Lung