New pro-Begich super PAC plans $1 million effort with mailers and door knocking

A new super PAC backed by an environmental group intends to spend $1.1 million in a bid to help Democratic Sen. Mark Begich win re-election.

Alaska SalmonPAC aims to get "nearly every likely Begich supporter who voted in the 2012 presidential election, but did not vote last midterm election, to vote by mail or in person" this fall, it said in a statement this week.

It's the second super PAC created specifically to boost Begich's chances. Similar campaign groups also have been created to help the Republicans fighting for the chance to oust him in November. Super PACs can collect unlimited donations including from corporations and unions, unlike candidates' own campaign committees. They are barred from coordinating with candidates.

SalmonPAC registered with the Federal Elections Commission on May 30. It was created in partnership with Alaska Conservation Voters, a lobbying and political organization that supports pro-conservation candidates. The group called Begich "a salmon champion."

The political action committee's work for Begich will be grass-roots and will include more than 30 staff members and hundreds of volunteers.

The group intends to mail political fliers to more than 100,000 households multiple times. Its operation also will involve knocking on an estimated 231,000 doors.

Anchorage Daily News