Letter: Alaskans are unique, independent

Dear Alaskan friends, neighbors, businesses, colleagues, relatives, and partners in crime.

We are leaving Alaska today. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being the people you are. You are 'family’ and have given us many rewarding experiences and a bushel of fond memories. You’ve seen our family through school, marriage, childbirth, organ transplantation, community organization, cancer, and death.

Alaskans are unique and independent, and it’s no surprise to anyone that knows us that we would fit right in here and always have.

It’s still to be determined what we’ll feel driving across the border. Excitement at a new life or sadness? Both? After all, it is Alaska. I mean seriously, it’s Alaska. Just the name stirs vivid memories of snowy moose, lake trips, river rides, hiking, and northern lights. Alaska has been an inspiration in every sense of the word. 

Keep working for the common good and look for our smiling faces. We’ll be on va-ca-tion when you see us.

Take care.

— Talyne Corlyn-Belka