Letter: Sees greenies behind news

The pro-Proposition 1 folks and Shannyn Moore have been screaming against oil tax reduction now for a year or more. Most of their venom seemed to be focused on the loss in state revenue. For a while I thought, 'Wow, such selfishness ... only concerned about immediate or short-term decline in state funded programs that they or their associates benefit from ... with no thought about long-term damage to Alaska and its citizens if oil production continues to decline.’ But then recent word is that oil production decline is starting to turn around, and the loss in state revenue isn’t going to be as large as first thought. OK, the antis will back off now. No, they are screaming worse than ever now! So what gives? If this really isn’t about lost revenue, what then? Its almost as if, no matter what the oil companies do, they are evil and must be hated. Who feels that way? Hmmm … maybe the greenies who in their extreme focus on getting rid of the petroleum industry care little about what such a loss would mean to Alaska.

— Jim Lieb