Letter: Senseless death and destruction not acceptable, now or ever

Alturas. Herkimer. Minneapolis. Oak Creek. Aurora. Seattle. Seal Beach. Carson City. Morgantown. Tucson. Manchester. Hialeah. Parkland. Fort Hood. Binghamton. Carthage. 

Since 2009, each of these cities and towns has been the site of a shooting in which four or more people lost their lives.

Arapahoe High. Sparks Middle School. Santa Monica College. Hazard Community and Technical College. Sandy Hook Elementary. Oikos University. Chardon High. 

And these? A sampling of the fatal shootings that have occurred on campuses around the country since 2012. 

After 32 people were killed at Virginia Tech, there was an outcry that something be done to prevent these killings. The same happened after the shooting at Fort Hood. And Tucson. And Aurora. It reached a fever pitch after Sandy Hook ... yet nothing’s changed. Two weeks ago, a 22-year-old in Isla Vista, California killed six and wounded 13. On Thursday, another student was killed and three injured at Seattle Pacific University. 

Perhaps we’ve decided that senseless death and destruction are perfectly acceptable. If not, when will we act to stem the bloodshed?

— Nathaniel Grabman