Troopers rescue stranded hiker near Parks Highway

A Washington woman who slid about 30 feet down a mountainside while hiking off the Parks Highway near Denali National Park Sunday was rescued without injuries, according to Alaska State Troopers.

Troopers said the woman, 18-year-old Cherelle LaGroo, slipped while hiking and slid about 30 feet, before she was able to arrest her fall at a rock ledge. LaGroo called for help on a cell phone and two troopers responded to her location, at about mile 241 of the Parks Highway. The pair were able to climb to within 20 feet of LaGroo and affix ropes to her, to ensure she didn't fall further, according to troopers reports. Eventually, a second pair of troopers arrived and were able to climb above LaGroo's location and set a second sit of ropes, whereupon one trooper was able to climb down to her. Troopers were then able to lift LaGroo back up the mountain to safety, according to trooper reports.

LaGroo was not injured in the fall, troopers said.