Letter: ADN has an anti-Christian bias

On Saturday and Sunday, June 7-8, huge crowds attended the Love Alaska festival at Cuddy Family Midtown Park. ADN ran a pre-event story, but did not cover the event itself. A spokesperson for the paper told me it did not have a large enough staff to cover all the events that occurred over the weekend.

I find that claim unbelievable. I perceive failure to cover as an anti-Christian editorial bias. When I pointed out to the spokesperson the ADN has the resources to print anti-Anchorage Baptist Temple news, she replied, “They were acting bad.” Indeed, they seem to have been, and their activities were newsworthy. The Luis Palau festival was also newsworthy. The ADN can report negative news about the church but not positive.

She also informed me, without my asking, that 20,000 people did not attend. How does she know? 

She had received many calls about this issue and said the ADN is sorry they did not cover the festival. A written apology in the paper would be in order.

— Jane Giraldo