Letter: Polls prove SB21 isn’t a plus for Alaska

As a victim of four recent push polls, I can testify that Elise Patkotak’s May 21 commentary on the topic was exactly right. In my case, the objective was to get me to agree that Gov. Parnell’s oil tax is so good for Alaska that I should not vote Yes on Proposition 1. 

Pollsters began by insisting I agree that ACES was bad for Alaska. Yet, under ACES, Alaska revenue soared to $10 billion and every Alaskan shared in the windfall with a bonus check of $1,200 on top of the PFD, which would not have happened if SB21 was in place.

I was also pushed to agree that Parnell’s tax means more money in the PFD and more jobs when actually the decline in revenue means less PFD money, and the states unemployment rate is up to 6.5 percent, higher than the national average. If SB21 is good for Alaska, the oil industry wouldn’t have to resort to push polls in a desperate attempt to sell us on voting “No” on Proposition 1.

— Marian Elliott