2014 Leadership Anchorage group graduates

Alaska Humanities Forum Announces 2014 Leadership Anchorage Graduation

The Alaska Humanities Forum announces that 17 emerging leaders have successfully completed Leadership Anchorage, Alaska’s premier civic engagement and leadership development program. This 17th cohort comprises a diverse cross-section of Alaskan professionals who have been on a steady journey of learning since January, connecting to the community through dialogue, debate, advocacy, inquiry, and civic projects. 

The graduation ceremony for Leadership Anchorage 17 took place on Tuesday, May 20 at Kincaid Park. Speakers included Sophie Minich, CEO of CIRI, and Jack Dalton, Alaska Native storyteller. Participants shared the results of their community projects and mentors joined to provide congratulations and comments to each participant.  

As the ceremony concluded, graduates received copper pins to recognize their accomplishment. The custom pins were given to fellow graduate by Stephanie Kesler and handcrafted by artist Drew Michael, also a cohort 17 graduate.

The graduates are:


Tim Coe

Project Engineer, Swift/Conoco Phillips


Anna Dalton                       

Program Associate, Alaska Community Foundation


Kelly Donnelly                   

Development Officer, University of Alaska Anchorage


Monica Garcia-Itchoak   

Director of Education and Public Programs, Anchorage Museum


Tiffany Hall                          

Philanthropy Officer, Providence Foundation


Josh Hemsath                    

Alaska Regional Development Organizer, The Pride Foundation


Dan Johnson                      

Account Manager, The Chariot Group


Ross Johnston                   

Owner, Fine Point


Stephanie Kesler              

Senior Technologist, GCI


Sarra Khlifi                           

Alaska Food Policy Council Coordinator, AmeriCorps VISTA


Drew Michael                    

Artist, Life Expressions


Amanda Moser                 

Deputy Clerk Elections, Municipality of Anchorage


Emily Rohrabaugh            

Advertising Executive, Alaska Dispatch


Chellie Skoog                        

Independent Consultant, The Foraker Group


Rayette Sterling                

Adult Services Coordinator, Anchorage Public Library


Ella Tonuchuk

Leadership Development Specialist, First Alaskans Institute


Diana Velez                        

Improvement Specialist, Southcentral Foundation

“The Alaska Humanities Forum is excited to celebrate this outstanding group of leaders who have completed five community projects over the last five months,” said Leadership Anchorage Program Manager Kitty Farnham. “We are honored to have contributed to their growth as leaders and civically engaged catalysts. We are confident they will make a positive, lasting impact on our community and our state.” 

Founded in 1997, the program focuses on leadership development through the lens of the humanities by using diverse group experiences as well as personal reflection, all in the context of the dynamic issues leaders of Alaska currently face. Currently, more than 300 Leadership Anchorage alumni serve as leaders in a wide array of businesses, public agencies, and non-profit organizations statewide.

Conoco-Phillips, National Endowment for the Humanities, and United Way of Anchorage are major sponsors of Leadership Anchorage.


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