Deshka fishing restrictions eased after high initial king run

Sean Doogan

After seeing more than 9,000 king salmon swim up the Deshka River in the Susitna Valley, state fisheries managers have eased fishing restrictions there.

Beginning Saturday, June 14, the use of bait, treble, and multiple hooks will be allowed for anglers trying to land a king salmon on the Deshka River.

The restrictions were put in place ahead of the spring season because the river was expected to see low numbers of fish returning to spawn in its waters. The minimum escapement goal -- the number of fish the state predicts are needed to sustain the run -- is only 13,000 chinook.

Although the run is still expected to be below average, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game says it believes it will exceed the minimum goal. It predicts an extra 3,000 king salmon will be caught by anglers because of the change in rules.

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