Letter: City should look to Kotzebue for ways to handle “bad” drinkers

Your article on the City of Kotzebue opening a restaurant and bar in addition to their liquor store missed one critical element of Kotzebue’s system of liquor sales.

You need a license to be able to buy at the liquor store. If you are a bad actor and drink and act out irresponsibly, you lose your right to buy.

People who drink responsibly aren’t a problem.

As we attempt to address the problem of chronic inebriates in Anchorage, our city leaders may do well to learn from the good folks of Kotzebue. You can go on their website and see what is involved in their system.

While a license would be cumbersome here in Anchorage, a list restricting the ability of repeat offenders to buy would be more practical and would probably be a good thing for both the community and for them.

— Paul Fuhs

Fairview Business Association