Letter: Repeal and Replace SB-21

I will vote to repeal SB 21 in August because I do not trust Governor Parnell. He has taken Alaska from billion-dollar surpluses to billion-dollar deficits. I would support a fair and substantial tax cut phased in incrementally, 20 percent every three years for 15 years. This approach would have far less draconian impacts on our economy and over time accomplish the same thing. State spending could be reduced gradually and Alaska would be able to do as Ronald Reagan said — “Trust and Verify” that Big Oil wasn’t playing more games with us. It will take time to diversify our economy and break the shackles of our master-slave relationship with the oil industry. Until that time, we need a leader, not a lobbyist, in the captain’s chair. With Sean Parnell at the helm we risk becoming a ship of fools, drifting endlessly in a sea of corporate welfare.

— John Johnson