Letter: Addressing gender issues a major step to a better world

A great big thank you for “To stop violence against women, save boys” by Jessie Klein and John Sanbonmatsu in the June 7 ADN. Their commentary describes both the results and the culture of misogyny that is in existence in the U.S. today. In addition, they point out what has to be done to correct this problem. Attitudes, perceptions and norms have to change. The alternative is to continue to live in a society in which schools become increasingly the sites of mass slaughter and hidden suffering.

Professors Klein and Sanbonmatsu and Cathy Young in the following article, “Gender issues poisoned by recent killings,” emphasize the desperate need for better conversation about gender issues. I believe this can be done and the results will be a much more respectful, less violent and just world for men, women and children of all races.

Erin’s Law, introduced to our Legislature this year, offers an opportunity to Alaskans to make a major step toward contributing to a better world. Fifteen states have adopted Erin’s law.

Now is the time for parents, educators, young people, media and politicians to make plans for a better future for all Alaskans.

— Hugh R. Hays, Ph.D.

Veteran for Peace, Justice 

and a Better World