Letter: Oil company shareholders are first priority, not Alaska jobs

I don’t hate Big Oil. We need them to process our resources, which in turn provide revenue and jobs for Alaska. But Alaska’s constitution explicitly says that the legislature is supposed to provide for the development of our resources “for the maximum benefit of its people.”

Oil corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to make the largest profit possible. Hey, they’re just doing their jobs. But what they say and do behind their closed, boardroom doors does not legally have to be shared with the public. Oh to be a fly on the wall ... 

Their business decisions regarding development have nothing to do with jobs or the welfare of Alaskans, although they would love for us to believe that. We have certainly been bombarded with enough propaganda in an effort to convince us of their magnanimity. It’s not about Alaska or jobs. It’s about the Almighty Dollar.

Well, I’m an Alaskan and I want my clear and equitable share of that Almighty Dollar. That’s why I’m voting yes to repeal SB 21.

— Jackie Endsley

Eagle River