Letter: We deserve Alaska viewpoints not just Outside attack ads

I appreciate former DNR Commissioner Dan Sullivan offering up a concrete, straightforward plan to limit the influence of special interests in Alaska’s elections. I agree with Dan when he says that mudslinging by outside groups makes our elections less transparent a  less focused on issues that matter to Alaska. Worse still, these tens of millions of dollars in third-party ads drown out Alaska voices.

The News-Miner reported the other day that even Governor Parnell is having trouble finding available air time. If special interests are crowding out the sitting governor’s message, how is the average state candidate or concerned citizen supposed to share their message with the public?  

We deserve to hear Alaska perspectives instead of just attack ads from deep-pocketed Outsiders. This is a practical solution that’s worked before, and it would work here in Alaska.  It’s also the only solution that solves this problem now instead of kicking the can down the road until the next Congress. Senator Begich should sign on to the Alaska Agreement and free up Alaska’s airwaves for Alaska voices.

— Rep. Lynn Gattis