Campaign Ad Tracker: "Oath"

• The ad: "Oath"

• Who's running it:, attacking Republican Senate candidate Dan Sullivan

• First aired: June 18

• Spending: $475,000, to run for one week on broadcast and cable

The Democratic-leaning group, based in Oregon, released an ad Wednesday attacking Republican Senate candidate Dan Sullivan for his support of a pro-development permitting and water rights bill.

It features a man who says he's an Iraq War veteran, saying that Sullivan wrote a plan that would take away Alaskans' rights and keep them out of "the places we come to hunt and fish."

The ad refers to House Bill 77, a measure introduced by Gov. Sean Parnell's administration in the 2013 legislative session, when Sullivan, a veteran himself, was the commissioner of the state Department of Natural Resources.

The bill was designed to reduce a big backlog of state permits, but was shelved by lawmakers this spring after strong criticism from fishermen, tribal rights activists and environmentalists who said the measure put too much power in the hands of developers.

The attack from VoteVets echoes another ad from Put Alaska First, the super PAC that's supported one of Sullivan's opponents, incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Begich.

An analysis by the website Politifact said Put Alaska First's ad was "half-true," acknowledging that Sullivan had led a broader effort to reduce DNR's permit backlog but noting that HB 77 had failed to pass the state Legislature.

HB 77 also did not explicitly restrict hunting, though it could have given the state power to authorize projects on public lands that would preclude hunting, as well as other uses.

-- Nathaniel Herz

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