Letter: Remember to be considerate so all can enjoy city’s trails

When Fredrick L. Olstead started designing parks in our country, his goal was to provide a  relaxing space for the whole community regardless of age or background, not  superhighways for bicycles.

The trails took on the name of “bike trails” when bikers were allowed to use the trails, so they would be safer than on the highway.

I’ve lived next to Valley of the Moon Park since 1981. I’ve pulled children in wagons, walked with family, friends, neighbors and dogs, enjoyed moose, eagles and the antics of magpies. Now I delight in teaching my grandchildren to sled on the “big hill” in winter, and play and picnic in the park during the summer.

During these 33 years I have enjoyed the consideration of my community. I appreciate the polite voice, “Passing on the left” when I’m on a relaxed walk, instead of being startled or frightened  by a bike. Life is too short not to try to be considerate of you neighbor.

— Bonny Lynn Babb